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Planet-Friendly Convenience

The only brand featuring infinitely-recyclable or backyard-compostable packaging

Zero Waste Refill Packs

Our nutritional supplements arrive in certified backyard-compostable packs. No more monthly purchases of single-use plastic containers, bound for landfills

Refillable Containers

We designed our refillable "forever" glass jar for its countertop appeal. No more pushing bulky plastic containers to the back of your cabinets or sinktops

The wellness industry can be very unwell

Why is the wellness industry addicted to single-use plastics, delivered each month? 

Billions of Plastic Containers

Humans are throwing away billions of plastic supplement bottles each year and an estimated 90% of these are never recycled. Yet the wellness industry almost exclusively bottles in plastic.

The industry even recommends 2 additional layers of single-use plastic plastic sealing as the only solution to tamperproof a product.

Just One

We searched for almost 6 months to find one manufacturer who could both hit our targets on sustainability and formulation.

The industry relies on plastic as "easy", ignoring any consideration of plastic waste and plastic pollution.

And Yet...

Ignoring these alarming and outdated practices, why do all of these supplement bottles just look bad? A product designed to be taken daily, with the intent of improving your wellness, shouldn't be pushed to the back of the cabinet or hidden from sight with your guests visit. 

For these reasons, and many others, we are working to do better. - We have removed almost 100% of plastics : your first order arrives with a glass jar and a compostable pack of our product. Tear open the pack to fill the jar and toss without concern as it's certifiable backyard compostable. Keep the jar out and at the ready and refill when you need to with the same compostable refill pack - We package each order without any of the typical single use plastics or non-degradable fillers such a plastic wraps, bubble wraps, air pockets, or shrink wraps.