The wellness industry can be very unwell

When we peeked inside our old container of daily fiber, we were alarmed at the ingredients.

Fiber should be a superfood powering digestion, gut health, and so much more.

At least 70 million Americans suffer from a digestive issue, some mild and some much more severe. Even if you aren't currently experiencing inconvenience or suffering (you're lucky!), 95% of Americans are not meeting their recommended serving of fiber each day yet we know it's key to maintaining a health gut biome and digestive system.

But over the years companies have snuck in sugar, sweeteners, flavorings and colorings, fillers, and even worse.

We're Just Different

Manufactured in the USA

Our line of all-natural, plant-based products is manufactured in the US (New York State) in a facility that employs stringent quality control standards that exceed those set by cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices).

3rd Party Tested

We are committed to complete transparency in labeling, formulations, and ingredients with each product undergoing 3rd party testing and validation.

Our Commitment To Transparency

What goes into a formula is key. But we're also manaically focused on what stays out

no sugars or sweeteners

gluten free

dairy free

no fillers

no flavorings or colors

cruelty free

All-natural, Plant-based Ingredients