What is prebiotic fiber? 

Prebiotics are fibers that are fermented by the gut’s microflora when they reach the colon. They are non-digestible food ingredients that can’t be broken down inside the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract, but only upon their arrival to the colon. They are importantly food for the natural good bacteria in the body

Why is dietary fiber so important? 

There's a reason medical professionals continue to recommend dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is critical to digestive health, a functioning gastrointestinal tract, and regular bowel movements. Fiber also helps you feel fuller for longer and can boost heart health and a lot more

How does Bacanale work? 

When taken with water, our prebiotic fiber activates to create a cleansing gel that moves through your digestive tract. This process helps to soften the consistency of and increase the ease and regularity of bowel movements, all while helping to fight constipation and bloat, soothing diarrhea, providing a gentle daily digestive detox and feeding your own gut microbiome 

When will I experience any effects? 

This is highly personal. Most respondents notice a difference within 12 hours and some only after a week of daily use. 

Fiber is often mentioned with Heart Health. Why? 

Bacanale's prebiotic fiber can benefit heart health by helping to lower cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease when in combination with a low saturated fat diet

What about Weight Management and or Appetite Suppressants? 

Bacanale's prebiotic fiber can support weight management and appetite control by keeping you feeling fuller, longer

And the worst : Hemorrhoids

Bacanale's prebiotic fiber provides a clinically-proven defense against developing hemorrhoids